This training program includes both academic instruction and flights in our ATFS-400 to train pilots to endure the High G environment. Flights of increasing G levels, including flights where the Pilot is in direct control, allows realistic G training in a flight environment. Pilots are monitored and coached in proper AGSM techniques until required G levels are attained. AMTI G training is conducted using our ATFS-400 or at your location using your centrifuge.

Acceleration Course (2 Day Program) – This course provides aeromedical training and physiological aspects of high G flight. This course provides the background information to conduct high G training for pilots of high performance aircraft. Instruction covers the physiology of High G training, Acceleration Physics, Acceleration Physiology, G-Induced Loss of Consciousness (GLOC), the Anti-G Straining Maneuver (AGSM), Stresses That Reduce G Tolerance, Physical Conditioning, Health and Wellness. Academic course and Centrifuge Flights and Operations demonstrations utilizing a high performance human centrifuge. Satisfies the requirements of AF I 11- 404.

Centrifuge Operation Safety Course (1 Day Program) – This course provides information to Centrifuge Operators on Safety, Training, Personnel & Roles, Control Room operations, Recovery Room operations, Preflight and Postflight & Debrief procedures, Emergencies & Emergency Pilot Egress. Academic course and Centrifuge Operations demonstrations utilizing a high performance human centrifuge.

AMTI courses can be provided at the NASTAR Center (located just outside Philadelphia, PA) for those without the in-house equipment necessary to satisfy their training requirements. For more information about AMTI programs at the NASTAR Center please visit AMTI at the NASTAR Center

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